Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sachin - Cricket God

1.I've seen GOD, he bats at no.4 for
indian in Tests. -Hayden.
2.Sachin is a genius, i'm a mere mortal. 
3.Sachin is Crickets GOD.
4.If Sachin plays well.. India sleeps well. -Harsha bhogle.
5.U get him out and half d battle is won.
6.Der r 2 kind of batsmen in d world.1 Sachin Tendulkar.2 all the others. -Andy flower.
7.I never get tired during umpiring whenever sachin is on crease.
-Rudy Kortzen.
8.I'm fortunate dat i've 2 bowl at him nly in the nets.-Kumble.
9.We didn't lose 2 a team calld india.. We lost 2 a man calld Sachin. -Mark Taylor.
10.I've joked b4 dat der is a good chance dat I might retire b4 Tendulkar.
-MS Dhoni.
{Today Master blasters birthday.Proud to b an indian. Pray for him}. Sachin Rocks..

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