Friday, November 12, 2010

Create Own Linux - LFS LiveCD Project Homepage

LFS LiveCD Project Homepage: "What is the LFS LiveCD?

A LiveCD is a CD that is able to boot your system into a 'live', working operating system, independent of anything on your hard drive. It's a little different than an installation CD, which boots your system into a program that will guide you through the installation of some system onto your hard drive. With a LiveCD, you have an entire system contained on the CD and with that, the freedom to do nearly anything that a system installed on your hard drive can.

The LFS LiveCD is geared specifically toward providing a reliable host system for the purpose of building Linux From Scratch. Therefore, it may not be what you would envision as a 'perfect' Linux system. It should, however, provide you with a comfortable enough environment so that you can, in turn, build your own 'perfect' system.

For a more detailed description of the current version of the LiveCD read the documentation."

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