Monday, May 4, 2009

Web Browsing Features In Ubuntu

Web Browsing

Ubuntu comes by default, with the latest browser from Mozilla; Firefox 3 Beta 5. Firefox has quickly become one of the most popular browsers being used on millions of desktops throughout the world.
The version on Ubuntu has been specifically themed for the operating system and uses familiar looking icons so browsing is the smooth experience that users should expect. And as we get more of our applications and other content through the web this is more important than ever.

New features in Firefox 3

Enhanced bookmarking, tagging and history. Bookmarking a page simply means clicking on the empty star in the location bar. Clicking again allows you to file the the bookmark in the correct folder for better organisation.
Enhanced bookmarking, tagging and history.
Safer than ever. Firefox has gained a terrific reputation for protecting users from malware, viruses, phishing sites and other deliverers of malicious content.
Firefox 2 already gave strong protection by blocking sites it believed would steal your personal information. In Firefox 3 this is being extended (in combination with Google) to sites that are likely to install malware on your computer.
Linux and Ubuntu are already considerably safer environments to operate in than proprietary operating systems. These additions mean you can lead your digital life without fear of catastrophic damage to your network, computer or finances!
Wonderful world of add-ons. Firefox has hundreds of add-ons available to extend or customise your browsing. Users often have specific requirements depending on how they use their browser. Chances are someone has built a tool to help.
Improved address prompting in location bar. The autocomplete list that appears when you start entering letters in the location bar is no longer restricted to web addresses but also looks into bookmark and history page titles and tags which make it more comprehensive.
Mozilla has also added adaptive learning to this function so that the more you use it the better it will become at learning what you are looking for and displaying the relevant information more quickly
Improved address prompting in location bar.
No more pop-ups, forced add-ons and other irritations. If you are moving to Firefox for the first time with Ubuntu 8.04 you will notice the easy-to set preferences block or warn about annoying pop-ups, cookie additions or any sites that try to place an add-on to your machine with your permission. Surf in peace.
No more pop-ups, forced add-ons and other irritations.

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