Saturday, July 12, 2008

Java Features In 9.21.

The following Java features were introduced in Version 9.21.

JVM 1.2 Support in J/Foundation

Dynamic Server supports Version 1.2 of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Default Values of Java Configuration Parameters

The default values of the JDKVERSION, JVPJAVAHOME, JVPJAVALIB, and JVPJAVAVM parameters in the ONCONFIG file have changed for Dynamic Server.

JDBC 2.0 Support

IBM Informix JDBC driver is bundled with Embedded SQLJ 1.10.1.JC1, a product for embedding SQL statements in Java. Dynamic Server supports the following JDBC 2.0 features:
  • Complex data types
  • Collections
  • Scrollable cursors
  • Batch updates
  • Interval data types
  • Extensions to prepared statement
  • Callable statements

GLS Support for J/Foundation

Dynamic Server supports the following GLS features:
  • New connection properties (NEWLOCALE and NEWCODESET) for mapping a locale or code set in the JDBC driver

update_jars.sql Script

Use the update_jars.sql script to update the names of jar files in a database after you rename the database.

Java Runtime Environment Variables

Dynamic Server supports the JVM_MAX_HEAP_SIZEJAR_TEMP_PATHJAVA_COMPILER, andAFDEBUG environment variables.

Partial Support for Variable-Length Opaque-Types

You can now write UDRs and DataBlade modules in Java.
Dynamic Server supports the following items:
  • Variable-length opaque data types
  • Data I/O conversion routines:
    • input/output
    • send/receive
    • import/export
    • importbin/exportbin

References to J/Foundation Features

For more information on J/Foundation features, see these manuals.
Use JVM 1.2. Use JCBC 2.0 features. Write UDRs and DataBlade modules in Java.J/Foundation Developer's Guide
Specify Java environment variables.J/Foundation Developer's Guide
IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Reference
Specify Java configuration parameters.J/Foundation Developer's Guide
IBM Informix Dynamic Server Administrator's Reference
Set GLS environment variables. Use the connection properties.J/Foundation Developer's Guide
IBM Informix GLS User's Guide
Use the update_jars.sql script.IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax

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